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Hands-On Enrichment

STEAM Program

We were thrilled to announce the inception of a new STE(A)M—Science, Technology, Engineering Art, and Math—initiative in the Fall of 2018 at St. Albans Early Childhood Center. Our nature-based STE(A)M curriculum fosters critical thinking and reflection, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, our multi-sensory learning approach fosters the development of STE(A)M skills by providing learning opportunities and materials that support discovery and exploration.

The mission of our STE(A)M program is to expand the learning programming for our students by providing hands-on, child-focused, and high quality in-school-time enrichment that complements classroom instruction. It is our ardent desire to provide safe, nurturing, and interactive programming to increase student engagement, and imaginative play, as well as deepen student understanding of, and respect for nature and the environment.

​The act of tinkering—learning through exploration, through trial and error—is the hallmark of our program, and particularly of STE(A)M education in the formative years where student successes are taught through multiple iterations, and where failure is embraced. All STE(A)M enrichment classes are taught weekly by the Enrichment Coordinator to students in the Pre-K/K Division: ages 3 through 5 years.


Kemi Awosika
Enrichment Coordinator

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