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Board of Directors


The Center is governed by a Board of Executive directors composed of current parents, past parents, two parish representatives, two-parent association representatives, a teacher representative and other interested community members from the D.C. metro area.  In January of each year, the Board holds its annual meeting for the purpose of electing new members.   The members’ terms are vary to provide continuity.


Executive Body
Brooks Singer, President
Sydney McCombs, Secretary
​Sreeja Nair, Treasurer


Kristine Andrews
Nikki DeJesus-Sertsu
Christopher Bobbitt
Lesley Miller
AJ Pearlman
Lou Kolodner

SAECC Staff Representative
Donna Mason, Executive Director

Teacher Representative
Diamond Wren

Parent Association Representative
Vicky Bonasera (Co-President)
Eileen Gerbay (Co-President)


Parish Representative
Monsignor James Watkins 

Financial Consultant
Candace Mickens

Board Advisor
Eve Zartman-Ball

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