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Subsidized High Quality Preschool


Apply Today

  1. Apply to the SAECC waitlist by completing the online application, processing the $150.00 fee, and indicating your interest in the program. 

  2. Upon receiving an enrollment offer into our full tuition program, a non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure your child's slot. The deposit will go towards your child's supplemental fee (see below).

  3. Submission of all enrollment and verification documents.

  4. Meetings will be scheduled for program orientation and an opportunity to meet your child's teachers.

Students currently enrolled at SAECC have priority in the PKEEP program. The enrollment process is the same as being admitted into the full tuition option. You may find this information by clicking here. There is no additional application that needs to be completed. 

Children ages 3 to 5 gain necessary skills to ensure school readiness.

Eligibility Requirements

Please be sure your child meets the following requirements by your desired start date:

OSSE Age Requirements

Students must have turned 3 years of age and no older than 5  by September 30th of the program year for which you apply.

OSSE Residency Requirements

  1. The enrolling person must be a DC resident that physically resides in the district.

  2. The enrolling person must be one of the following to enroll a student: parent, guardian, custodian, primary caregiver, or adult student. 

  3. Verification Forms include the following: a) DC Residency Verification Form and supporting documentation; b) Other Primary Caregiver Form, if applicable; C) Sworn Statement of Residency, if applicable; Home Visit Consent and Verification Form 


We take their confidence to the next level with hands-on education. 


Supplemental Fees

The subsidized care provided by DC for the PKEEP program covers the cost of care for the length of a DCPS school day. Since we are a full year program that offers 10 hours of care, we will require supplemental fees. These fees will cover 3.5 hours of before and after care, meals, enrichment programs, Summer care, and coverage for DCPS holidays and breaks during the periods that SAECC is open. SAECC is open for a total of 240 days while DCPS is open for a total of 180 days. Therefore, there are 60 days that SAECC can provide care that will not be covered by PKEEP subsidy.  The supplemental fees for the year must be paid in full by December. 

The SY 2023-24 PKEEP supplemental tuition for DC residents ages 3 and 4 is $10,500

Children also have free play opportunities to socialize and exercise their energetic bodies.

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